Mellby Ör Inn





Are you a teacher / instructor and want to rent the entire
farm for a retreat or course?
With us, you have the option of renting the entire farm with full board or just
selected meals. We are very flexible and can also pack picnics to take out into
There are also three kitchens at your disposal where you can choose to cook
your own meals. A concept that suits you and your participants can be tailored
to your wishes.
Please contact us for more information.
Mellby Ör Inn is located in the heart of southern Öland’s world heritage site,
between the Alvar and the Baltic Sea, surrounded by small fields lined with
beautiful old stonewalls and a very rich birdlife.
Chris and Agneta have carefully transformed a farm from the 1860s into a
wholesome business that lives in harmony with the agricultural landscape and
nature. For 15 years, nature and music lovers have enjoyed the place together
with our family.
The farm itself conveys a calm and safe feeling that everything can take its
time. We try to stay in that feeling and let the business grow slowly and
naturally like the branches of a tree. We let our dreams and our hearts lead us
in a curious entrepreneurship that quietly explores new paths.
Quality, care and loving warmth are the core of our business. The path of yoga
and meditation feels like a natural continuation of our journey. Agneta is
certified in Yinyoga and Hathayoga and has held yoga classes and private
lessons since 2017. You can always book a yoga session or participate in an
ongoing class.

At Mellby Ör Inn you can experience peace and quiet in a beautiful and down-
to-earth environment. The whole farm breathes tranquility and harmony in

beautiful gardens with views of both the Alvar and the sea. Proximity to
beautiful hiking trails and walks in peaceful nature where you can unwind and

Contact Agneta via for more information. Or mobile: